Quotations and Advice for Realistic Living - Day Twenty



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Day One Tasks

So let's make a start.
Get a notebook. Throughout these days you will need to write many things down. Dedicate certain pages to certain topics. You will discover these topics as we progress through these days.
WRITE IT DOWN. Writing requires discipline. Writing allows you to review and interpret. Writing requires that you articulate your thoughts. WRITE IT DOWN.

Also, at the end of each day, record the tasks that you successfully accomplished and those that you did not. By recording your daily progress, at the end of these twenty days, you should be able to see at a glance what you have and have not done.

In these tasks, we talk a great deal about your "job." We have many tasks that will help us make our job meaningful to us; ways that what we do will enhance our self esteem.

Being a "stay at home parent" is a real job. This "home" job shares the same frustrations and struggles that people feel in the business workplace. Certainly the context is different; the conflicts more subtle, but every workplace task listed here absolutely applies to the immense tasks of caring for the family and home. In your quest for self control, be sure to apply and adapt these tasks to your at home employment as well.

1. At some point today, take a bath or shower.

So what if you took one yesterday or plan one tomorrow. Just do it; today.

2. Write two very brief emails or text messages thanking someone for something they did for you today.

Not one message; not four. Two. Can be as simple as "Thanks for your help with whatever."

3. Think of one person at your work, school, or home who you WILL see today.

A person that you do not like, or someone who causes you anxiety or stress. At some point, while you are in their physical presence and looking at them, say these words silently in your mind twice to whatever God you like: "Please keep (Name of Person) safe and happy."

4. Every person that you talk to today, make eye contact with as you speak and listen to them. Keep eye contact for the entire exchange.

Whether this person is the clerk at Publix, a fellow worker, or spouse. Every person; eye contact the entire time. You've really got to work at this one. Don't lose focus during the day. Every person. All the time.

5. Record your progress today.
6. Starting today, keep the receipts for everything your purchase. Everything! Even that coffee at the convenience store. For now, just put them all in an envelope.
7. Put $1.25 in cash in a glass on your bedstand.

See? Not too tough.

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