Quotations and Advice for Realistic Living - Day Twenty



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Day Twenty Tasks

Question Day. Congratulations.

Feel different? You should. In hundreds of small but significant and realistic ways.

If you indeed followed this daily list, you have accomplished what most people only dream about doing, but lack the drive or discipline to do--- bring about a decisive organization to their lives. Most fall back into the inconsistent lazy routine and continue to find themselves trapped; living from daily laundry load to laundry load; wondering why they feel lost and helpless.

Are you now incredibly happy? Did all your troubles at work and home magically disappear? Does your life now have significance and meaning?

No. But it does have a realistic order. And you are the one who decides and executes that order. You are running your own life. Your house is organized, your budget is projected, you understand the dynamics of your thoughts and work. Your base of friends is strengthening. You are making decisions about your significant other relationships.

Are you any richer? Well, a little, you now have $25.00 that you probably wouldn't have had. Take the money, if you would like, and donate it to an organization like Kiva.com, that provides small loans to struggling third world businessman. People, like us in many ways, who crave control over the uncontrollable influences in their lives that lock them in physical proverty and emotional despair.

Those who have followed this twenty day routine have expressed that they feel "more organized," "more aware," " more settled." Hopefully you feel somewhat the same.

If you like, I always enjoy hearing from you. I enjoy your comments and suggestions on how to strengthen the process offered here.

Click the Contact Us for a visit; or david@daytwenty.com.

Your sweetest revenge on an apathetic universe is living well.

Fight the tide. Make lists. Look at life realistically and make your own decisions. Live long. Choose happiness.

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