Quotations and Advice for Realistic Living - Day Twenty



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Day Nineteen Tasks

Do your routine. Not mine. Except still put the $1.25 in a glass.

Let's check your routine. Let's review the life skills you are now practicing with these twenty days of tasks.

You are now your own "life coach."

Personal hygenie, taking care of you, is essential to a realistic and organized life.

You're practicing effective time management skills both at home and at work. You're accomplishing much more is far less time; you're finding that the more you do, the more you want to do. You're finding that this efficient behavior relieves tremendous stress both at work and at home, gives you more "down" time, gives you more time to think and plan, and most important, gives you a wonderful sense of accomplishment and pride in your work. Your driving your life; not chasing it.

Taking photos, recording your thoughts, and documenting your activities keeps you focused on the realistic present. Your "happiness" isn't in some foggy far off hopeful future. It's here and now. Simply taking the photo reminds you that good things, significant things are happening; events worth remembering.

You're developing and enhancing a valuable social and professional network. Your effective communication skills continue to grow. You're even dealing more tolerably with those "challenging" people because you understand why you react to them the way you do. Eventually even these people may become part of your networking.

You're now in the habit of considering your actions. You are conscious of your motivations. This knowledge gives you the power to understand why you do and want things. This knowledge of your present actions and past actions gives you the power to control your life.

You have a handle on your finances; typically one of the greatest sources of stress in relationships. You may still be experiencing "money challenges," but at least now you know realistically where you are. You don't have to worry about checks bouncing or "will there be enough" to cover your necessary expenses. And knowing gives you the power to make financial decisions and changes.

Worry, stress, anxiety, avoiding the reality; all these things undermind your self esteem.

Your small daily contribution to the glass reminds you that change isn't immediate. The money in that glass grows; daily, little by little. Do the math. How much would you have at year's end if you continued that small savings every day? Amazing isn't it.

Every small "contribution" you make to your body, your work, your relationships, and your home multiple with the same power of that small $1.25 contribution. Think how different your life will be at year's end.

You don't need a life coach. You have one. The best one you could ever wish for. You have you.

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