Quotations and Advice for Realistic Living - Day Twenty



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Day Ten Tasks

Analysis Day

This is the day we read and interpret what we've written. Up to this day we have been "taking inventory." Now we need to make some decisions; take some action. For the next ten days, we need to follow our routine, with discipine, integrity, and commitment.

1. Take a bath or shower. Wear cologne, perfume, deodorant, floss and brush your teeth. Shave. Do nails, eyebrows, ears.

Hopefully, you are getting comfortable looking at yourself in the mirror. The rolls and wrinkles and other perceived imperfections shouldn't be surprises to you anymore. If someone said, "close your eyes and imagine yourself naked," you should have a very realistic picture of what you look like. That's you in that mirror. All of you. For better or worse, but it has to be good because it's you. You're not hiding from yourself under towels or clothing. Getting comfortable looking at yourself is the first step to accepting yourself. Next comes any decisions you might want to make, realistic decisions, about changes you want to make.

2. Bed made. Sheets washed. You deserve clean bedding.

Check your M-F list and do today's assignment. You now have a way to clean your house and keep it clean in way that is not overwhelming. You have ordered control of your physical surroundings. Even if it isn't always clean, you know that it will be, as per your schedule. You don't have to apologize to yourself for "not doing enough" today.

3. No chart today. Instead, take that time, at work if you can, to review your lists of unproductive activities and productive activities. Compute the amount of time that you have wasted during the last week.

Based upon what you see, plan to avoid the people, places, and situations that draw you into wasting time. Based upon your list of work activities that you enjoy, make a list of ways that you can pursue these kind of activities. Again, write it down. Recorded lists are footprints you can follow. No lists, you can't get things done, you'll forget or be diverted by the fires at work that you will have to put out.

4. Review your photos. Print copies of the nice ones and give to the people in the photos. Print a copy for yourself. Label and date.

We never take enough photos. Look how much pleasure you get by looking at photos from your past. You have now developed a habit of documenting your life and memories. If you continue, years from now, you will have more than just Christmas and graduation photos; instead you'll have photographic memories of what your REAL life was like and the people that you really interacted with on a daily basis.

5. Friend List

Check your M-F list and do today's assignment. Friends are essential to your understanding yourself. They provide wonderful mirrors; outlets for entertainments to plan and look forward to. This simple task of connection will strength bonds and encourage activities.

6. Continue the thank you notes as needed. You should now have trained yourself to find ways to thank people. You are hopefully now unconsciously watching for things people do that are worth recognizing.

Continue to print copies and put in a folder.

7. Your list of people's names now should be long. And you should be calling everyone on that list by their name everytime you look them in the eyes to talk with them.

You exude confidence when you look people in the eyes. People enjoy being called by name. It tells them that you care about them. People need to be noticed. They will seek you out and give you back the same kind of courtesy and affection that you are now offering them.

8. You have lists of the things you like about your living space and what you don't like.

We now need to make lists to address changing what we don't like in ways consistent with what we do like. We have the tools now to plan. We know what we want to change; we can now make a schedule to change it. Hopefully very soon, you won't have a list of the things you don't like about your physical environment.

9. You have receipts for your ten days of spending. You have a realistic basis for planning a budget.
10. You have lists of people you don't enjoy being around; and you are finding out information about these people because you are looking for ways to humanize them to you.

You are looking for things to like about them. They are in your life. They will be in your life. You can choose to waste emotion and energy by continuing to dislike them or you can choose to inspire friendship and energy by liking them. They will not change toward you. They are incapable. You can change toward them... not for their sake; for your sake.

11. Put $1.25 in cash in a glass on your bedstand.

You have $12.50 so far. Leave it there.

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