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Day Three Tasks

Learning to say No is the most important skill you will ever learn.... but the person you need to learn to say this to most is --- yourself.

You are one that agrees to be angry or hurt. You are the one who says, "Now what did she mean by that?" You are the one who looks in the mirror and says, "I'm too fat." You are the one who chooses to feel resentment when someone gets the recognition, relationship, or praise that you crave.

1. Take a bath or shower. Wear cologne or perfume and deodorant. Be sure that your fingernails and toe nails are cut and clean.

2. Write three very brief emails or text messages thanking someone for something they did for you today.

They can't be to the same people that you wrote to on day one. Three. Can be as simple as "Thanks for your help with whatever." Find something to thank people for, even if you have to reach back to something they did in the past.

3. Eye contact reminder.

Every person you talk to.... sustain eye contact even if they look away, watch their eyes and listen with your eyes!

4. Photo reminder; two photos. Needs to be photos of people today. You can use you phone camera if you want, but be sure that you can download the photos that you take onto a computer.
5. Learn the names of two people today that you don't know.

In your Twenty Day journal, create a page that says, new people. Write these names down and a one sentence description of who those people are.

6. At the end of the day, write down two things that pissed you off... can't be repeats of what you wrote yesterday.
7. Put $1.25 in cash in a glass on your bedstand.

Under no circumstances should you "borrow" this money for coffee or anything else. Once in the glass, it needs to stay in the glass. No cheating.


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