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Quotations Concerning God

Believing in yourself requires believing in something far greater than yourself.

The structures that God makes are far more impressive and varied than anything man can even imagine.

Aside from actions that directly harm other people or disrupt society, most of things that most religions tell you are wrong or sinful are really just stupid and will ultimately cause you stress.

If TV preachers didn't talk about hell and the end of the world, they wouldn't have much to talk about. Moment to moment, TV sermons about hell bring in a lot more money than sermons about heaven. Should faith really about fear?

Nobody ever really believes that they're going to die until the moment that they actually do it.

Who promised that life had to "make sense?" The best thing about our life is that we have it. The worst thing is that we lose it. That makes absolute sense.

What is the difference between a chemical reaction, like rusting and the chemical process this is life?

If you didn't create the universe and God didn't create the universe, then who did? How can you even think that God doesn't exist?

What do the souls of an Alzheimer people remember when they die?

Why would praying more often, by more people, make God any more prone to grant a prayer request? That implies that God can be swayed by numbers-- the more people who want it, the more apt the request is to be granted? Do votes count with God?

Imagine that the universe had absolute "eye for an eye, life for life" justice. And imagine that the universe counted all life as equal. The life of an ant is no more or less important than the life of a man. Now imagine that after one died, one had to experience the deaths of all creatures that one had killed; which would mean that if a man killed a fish, he would have to live the life of that fish and experience it's death, plus as the fish, he would have to live the lives and experience the deaths of all the creatures that the fish had killed. The idea of eternity becomes much more understandable.


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