Quotations and Advice for Realistic Living - Day Twenty



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Quotations Concerning Life Lessons

Absolutely everything you do and say will eventually be discovered.

There is no such thing as private sin.

Learn the "things you need to know" BEFORE you need to know them.

Buying a gun only buys the "feeling of security." For more than that, get married, adopt a dog, or hire a bodyguard.

The only reason to kill something is to eat it.

Not every task you do in life is going to be fun or meaningful.

Not every task you do in life is worth doing, but you won't know that until you do it.

It takes a tremendous amount of energy to kill something.... that is, to overcome it's life.

Even fish don't die quickly.

Creating something creates self worth.

People will eat anything that doesn't kill them; and they'll even try to find ways to eat those things.

Nothing in this world is perfect. It was designed that way. The world functions based upon that fact. If all animals and plants were perfectly designed to defend themsleves, there would be no animals and plants because nothing would ever eat.

Quit bitching. This day never belonged to you any way. If you had a "bad day," it's your own fault. If you didn't enjoy "Disney World," then you didn't try hard enough; and the possibilities and beauty in this world make Disney World look like a gritty sand box.

We always seek future happiness; revel in past happiness; and mourn the absence of present happiness.

There's a reason porcupines have quills. Don't apologize for your emotional defenses.

People with big ugly feet can usually walk the farthest.

The process of getting drunk is far more enjoyable than actually being drunk.

There is a reason shit stinks; so people won't try to eat it.

Being stupid is a conscious choice.

The reward for a productive careeer is being replaced; the reward for fame is anonymity; the reward for living a good life is death. The only real reward is the moment and the fact that you have been given the chance to live it.

Living in the past and living in the future waste the present.

There are never mosquitoes in day dreams.

If it weren't for physical pain, sometimes we wouldn't even feel alive.

There will never be a time in your life when you won't be desperately worried about something.

It takes much less energy to laugh than to cry. That's how your body was designed.

Attempting an impossible process teaches more than creating a packaged product.

Can you think of any good reason to trust someone who says, "trust me?"

Unless you spend a lot of time moping up "spilled milk," it really stinks.... and becomes something to really cry about.

Alcohol is always a great reason to do stupid things.

Does having to be intensely occupied every minute of every day really make people happy?

If Walmart doesn't sell it; you don't need it.

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