Quotations and Advice for Realistic Living - Day Twenty



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Quotations about Nature

Wood ticks can live up to 20 years. Butterflies barely make it through the summer.

No one really knows how old sharks can live to be.

Wtih several exceptions, the older the species, the longer the individuals within that speicies seem to be able to live.

Don't bring a snake into your house. Nothing you can do can turn that snake into something that deserves the courtesy of living in your house. The only thing you can train a snake to do is eat on cue.

When you are bridge fishing, don't throw unwanted catfish on the highway. They couldn't help they were born catfish; plus their fins can puncture tires.

Always clean your own dive gear. Your life depends upon it.

Tie your own fishing hooks. If the knot doesn't hold, it's your fault; if does hold, it is to your credit.

Take your own fish off the hook; then release the fish or keep the fish. If you keep it. You bleed it. Do your own killing.

If your drag is too tight, you will pull the hook; don't get greedy or impatient.

Just because you caught fish there last year doesn't mean you'll catch them there this year.

Catching fish depends on the movement of tide, something that you have absolutely no control over. Fish when the tide is right. You can't control the tide; you can control when you fish.

You don't catch many fish at slack tide. And the fish you do catch are lazy. They don't hunt against running water.

By keeping a hooked dolphin in the water around the boat, all the other dolphin in that school will stay, and one by one, the whole school can be hooked. Greed keeps the school from leaving the boat.

Natural disasters don't destroy the work of man, they simply reshape what belongs to the earth.

Most fish in the ocean feed up.

It isn't fair that some people's feet stink and other people's feet don't. So what does knowing that change?

Bait fish in the ocean have eyes that are designed to tilt down so they can see the predators below them. Consider the organizations to which you belong and/or work in. Keep your eyes on the people below you.

Man is a predatory animal. Nothing we learn, invent, create, build, believe in, or profess will ever change that.

Read a book on the social behavior of monkeys; it will enhance the effectiveness of your committee work. Really.

The most beautiful insects are usually the most poisionous to eat.

Crabs eat everything; even each other.

Venomous snakes spend most of their lives in hiding. Most people never even see the strike coming. Consider this when you choose to trust other people.

Hogfish are easy to spear and kill because they do not fear what they do not know.

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