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Quotations Concerning Personal Responsibility

The most important person you should be important to is you That's not selfish, that's realistic.

Most of us spend way too much time thinking about how we feel.

Did you eat today? Are you physically safe? All other things that cause you stress are ultimately superfluous. Keep things in perspective.

Being alone doesn't mean nobody likes you.

The people who really need help the most rarely ask for it. Help these people.

Shame is the most devastating emotion you will ever feel; shame means that you are embarrassed in front of yourself.

Everyone lies to everyone; most of all, to themselves.

Not everything bad that happens to you is your fault

Not everything good that happens to you is to your credit.

Always tell the truth. Life really is just that simple.

People who claim that they hate their job, or spouse, in-laws, or neighbors hate themselves most of all.

If you do or don't do something because you feel like you "have to," you will end up resenting whoever or whatever is inspiring that feeling of obligation.

You'll never have to worry about people finding out that you did something if you don't do things that you don't want people to find out about.

Getting what you want sometimes make you greedy; getting what you need most times makes you grateful.

Other people cry too. You're not the only one. What is that so hard to understand?

Stare in the mirror long enough and a stranger will stare back.

Just because someone says "it's red," doesn't mean it's red. You look at it and you decide what color it is. And don't ask anyone if you made the right decision.

Integrity means that your beliefs are consistent with your other beliefs and that your actions are consistent with your beliefs.

Your mind always defaults to anxiety.

Why do we always assume someone else knows more about us and what we should do than WE do?

"Who you are" is "who you decide to be"; a decision that you have to make every day; sometimes three or four times a day.

Experiencing new places, people, and activities expands your self definition.

The absence of sorrow is not happiness; simply getting rid of things that cause you sadness is not enough. Sorrow is the canyon you crawl out of before you starting climbing toward happiness.

Insecure people always see themselves through other people's eyes. They rarely like what they see.

Self doubt cancels hope.

Pretending to be something that you are not only makes you forget who you are.

When you look in the mirror, like what you see.

Unless you can forgive yourself for who you are, you'll never be able to become anything else. You are not perfect. You never will be. Be realistic in your self expectations.

If you're the only one laughing, what you did or said probably isn't humorous, it was probably cruel.

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