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Quotations Concerning Sex

Your body is designed by nature to experience lust; your mind is programmed by society to feel guilty about it.

Aside from sex, looking someone in the eyes when you speak to them is the most intimate communication you can ever experience.

Unless what you think can help someone make money, get fed, or get laid, nobody gives a shit about what you think.

How did human nakedness become a crime? It's a crime to let anyone see who you naturally are. Is it any wonder people lack self esteem?

Sex is as natural a function as using the restoom; how did it become the ultimate reward for tolerating mediocre relationships?

Why is it so hard for us to picture old people having sex?

Sex feels great. It's supposed to feel great so you will choose to do it often.

Even sex can get boring.

Not every physical pleasure has to be sexual.

Why does physical pain last so much longer than sexual pleasure?

When you're hungry, any food tastes great; when you're horny, everyone looks pretty. Don't shop for groceries when you're hungry; don't shop for relationships when you're horny.

Most people have pimples on their butts.

Human reproduction organs really don't smell very good and need to be washed often.

Watching sex is ultimately really boring.

Ultimately your body was designed for two things; to process food and to have sex.

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