Quotations and Advice for Realistic Living - Day Twenty



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Quotations Concerning Social Interaction

People who can't control themselves try to control other people.

You can never live up to the standards of a perfectist. Why does your life have to be all about them?

The only person you can really trust is the one you see in the mirror and even that person often betrays what you think you believe in.

Avoid taking advice from unhappy people. Notice that they are always the people who most want to give it.

True art interprets the world, not the artist.

After age 10, most children only tolerate being with their parents.

People walk slow for a reason.

Laws based on "morality" are situational and irrelevant. Marriage to women under age 15 was common in the middle ages; now people are jailed for it.

If the things you do hurt someone or yourself, those things are wrong. If they don't hurt someone, they're not wrong. Of course everyone wants to tell you what "hurts" you.

Just because it feels good, doesn't make it right. Just because it feels bad, doesn't make it right either.

You can't have what "other people" have because you don't want just what "Sue" has, you want the best of what everyone has; even Wal Mart can't have that much stuff.

Laws, organizations, individuals, classes, performances; every kind of individual or social activity that has integrity will endure. Those that lack integrity last only as long as people can blow enough smoke to hide the truth of their own failings.

The thing that perfectionistic people try hardest to "make perfect" is the perceptions that other people have of them; a thing that is impossible to make perfect.

You would think that integrity would encourage integrity; often it's the opposite. One man's integrity sometimes so shames the people around him that people will do everything they can to defeat his strength. True integrity should inspire; more often it only threatens.

The basis for most of the kindness that people show for one another is fear or self preservation.

What people say "it is" and what "it is" are always two different things; or three different things; or four different things. It depends on how many people are telling you what "it is."

Same thing goes for what people say things "should be" or what you "should do."

If, at anytime in conversation other than receiving instructions for work, someone says "You should," stop listening immediately. They have no idea what you should do, think, or say. When they say "you should" means "they should" shut up.

The only thing that anyone in America is "entitled" to is the right to breathe the air. Proclaiming that it's the govenment's responsibility to help with hurricanes or floods or welfare or healthcare ect is just entitlement bullshit. The only person obligated to help you is you.

If you build your house on the barrier island and the hurricane comes, what in the hell did you think would happen? And now you want the government to help PAY to help you rebuild it?

Most people who say the the "government is supposed to help them" pay very little in taxes.

You live in this country; you've learned to read, you drive on the roads, you drink the water, you know that if you dial 911 someone will answer; quit bitching about taxes.

Politicians who don't answer a direct question with a direct answer are lying. It really is that simple.

People worry more about being caught for cheating than whether or not cheating is right or wrong.

What do we worry so much about losing things that we don't even have?

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