Quotations and Advice for Realistic Living - Day Twenty



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Day Six Tasks

Realistic living doesn't mean you still can't try to jump over the moon, it means simply that you realize there's more to it than simply closing your eyes and blindly leaping.
1. Take a bath or shower. Wear cologne, perfume, deodorant, floss and brush your teeth. Shave. Check your hair; if you haven't had a haircut in the last two weeks, make a note to make an appointment or have it done today.

Again, your morning routine should be accomplished without clothing.

2. Bed make, room picked up, laundry sorted and ready for washing.
3. Review yesterday's hourly chart.

Write down any additional activities that made you unproductive. write down additional activities that you enjoyed. Keep hourly chart for today as well. You will continue this hourly chart EVERY DAY. Best if you can keep an ongoing list or columns of the unproductive activities and fulfilling activities. Remember, helping other people solve work related problems is work. Helping other people solve personal problems while at work is not a productive activity.

4. Two more photos.
5. If you have not been intimate with your spouse or significant other during the last six days, make plans to do so tonight.

Think about it several times during day. When the time comes, don't expect the world to move. Just relax and go with it. If your partner is uncooperative, don't be insistence, angry, or resentful. Simply settle for a hug; that counts for intimacy.

6. Three more "thank you emails."

Start printing copies of each one you send and put in a folder.

7. If at all possible, find a logical reason to email your superior, perhaps asking for clarification on a project or simply to update them on your current work.
8. At the end of the day, sit quietly in your living room or bedroom and write down the three or four things you would most like to change in this unique environment.
9. Put $1.25 in cash in a glass on your bedstand.
Accumulating tasks... just a reminder---

Eye contact always with everyone you meet. Making your bed. Receipts. Photos. Names of any new people you meet. Background notes on the people that you have trouble liking. Growing lists of productive and unproductive work behaviors.

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