Quotations and Advice for Realistic Living - Day Twenty



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Twenty days to live.

If the span of human life reached a mere twenty days, the count of the tide coming in and out only eighty times, consider how we spend those short six hour intervals.

As we raced against each tide change, how clearly we would judge the value of our time and the consequences of our thoughts and actions.

Faced with this twenty day inevitability, our life perspective would be unclouded by pretense, self deception, blame, and false hope. Today would be our singular focus; not some ambiguous tomorrow. How realistically we could see the worth of....

Our relationships.

Our actions toward other people.

Our responsibilities to ourselves and others.

Our priorities in our workplace.

This website offers some casual quotes and advice for realistic living. Will reading these quotes change your life? No. That's your job. Perhaps these words will simply remind us of what we already know but sometimes forget to remember.

The "Day" links on the left list simple daily tasks. Try them; in daily sequence. Doing all twenty days in one day isn't the point; do one day at a time, in sequence. Life changing? No promises. The only promises that count in your life are the ones you make to yourself. And keep.

The ocean is real; the tides are unstoppable. The number of high and low tides we have hopefully far exceedes eighty, but the number is finite and inescapeable.

Fight the tide. Take control of your life. If you're unhappy, work to change it.

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